The primary purpose of this site is to complement the book Particles in the Coastal Ocean (PICO) published by Cambridge Press in 2014. The secondary purpose is to be a source of information for all particle pushers actively working in the field, as well as for the general public curious about particles in coastal ocean research. Emphasis is given on applications, software and actual drifters, without overlooking a little bit of fun.

The Book provides a little more information about what PICO is all about. Applications and Resources form the skeleton of the site; the former presents representative pictures – animations that could not be included in the book, categorized under the area of research, while the latter is a pathway to software and data. Gallery and Fun are reserved for pictures, music, paintings and all other form of art that are somewhat related to particles.

Finally, this site is more about quality than quantity, the latter being presented in more academic platforms such as journals and project reports. The visitors looking for such specific information should follow the links to such media appropriately provided. For all others, ideas and examples presented here will hopefully provide vision for particles in addressing coastal ocean problems in the future. The possibilities are endless.