The coastal ocean comprises the semi-enclosed seas on the continental shelf, including estuaries and extending to the shelf break. This region is the focus of many serious concerns, including coastal inundation by tides, storm surges, or sea level change; fisheries and aquaculture management; water quality; harmful algal blooms; planning of facilities (e.g., power stations); port development and maintenance; and oil spills.

This book addresses modeling and simulation of the transport, evolution, and fate of particles (physical and biological) in the coastal ocean. It is the first to summarize the state of the art in this field and direct it toward diverse applications, for example in measuring and monitoring sediment motion, oil spills, and larval ecology. This is a textbook and reference work for advanced students and researchers in oceanography, geophysical fluid dynamics, ocean and civil engineering, computational science, and environmental science.

  • Focuses on the use of particle methods in ocean simulation, which represent a major frontier in interdisciplinary oceanography
  • Gives specific applications to oil, sediment, and larval ecology
  • Useful as a reference guide and also a course text